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WSSA has created a steadily expanding staff of Certified Speech Coaches (CSC’s) all of whom stopped stuttering by using The Lovett Method. These CSC’s were chosen from the Stop Stuttering Stories as posted on Speech Anxiety Anonymous (SAA), an organization that Lee founded to help stutterers. To be certified, the PWSS are subjected to months of rigorous training and testing. WSSA makes small charges for coaching, but Lee continues to coach WSSA subscribers and others for free.
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What Is Speech Coaching?

We define "Speech-coaching", or simply "Coaching", as helping people speak better; it includes overcoming stuttering-tendencies all the way to public speaking techniques and expands into teaching oneself to love to speak in all venues and to using various methods of mind-training to elevate one’s life.
  • Certified Instructors
    All coaches, former stutterers who have self-cured using our program, are certified by Lee and other WSSA Certified Speech Coaches, and are well versed in helping stutterers stop stuttering.
  • Instruction Based in The Lovett Method
    Instruction is based upon The Lovett Method as set forth in Lee’s speech-related books and video courses.
  • Languages and Time Zones
    Our coaches live all over the world and speak a variety of languages.
  • Face-to-Face Video Instruction
    All our coaching sessions are done live over video chat and are followed with detailed reports to each student to further enhance their learning process.

To maximize your chances to have private speech coaching by an WSSA Certified Coach, join now, as coaching is made available on a first-come, first-served basis. (Read more)

"This coaching session was like the 'Practical' of the 'Theory' part that I learned from the book and the video lectures. After reading the book I literally thought that I knew 100% about beating stuttering. But after the coaching session I realized it was only 40% that I knew and the real 60% is the coaching. Practical knowledge is always better than the theory :) Thank you so much for your guidance and you are the best and perfect coach."

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