Stop Stuttering Stories

Read stories from people who have defeated stuttering and speech anxiety using our program.
"I have struggled with stuttering most of my life. It consumed my thoughts and me. I tried various therapies but they didn’t work. I loved Lee’s weird and wonderful ways to create a memory bank full of positive images. Today my speech is phenomenal! It makes me so sad to think that people are wasting their lives when there is a cure. I stopped stuttering in September 2018 and I now help Lee coach other PWS."
"For those of you who have faced this struggle, Lee Lovett is the real deal. For the first time since age 3, I can now say that I am not going to live my life as a stutterer. The seeming weight of the world has been lifted from me. It’s been four years of fluency, and public speaking is what I do for a living."
"After stuttering severely all of my life and spending about $30,000 in two years of unsuccessful therapy in New York, I found Lee’s book and started Skyping with him. Within four months or so, I stopped stuttering. That was three years ago, and I haven’t relapsed."
Lee’s program not only helped me stop stuttering and blocking but it also helped me connect with people again. BOTTOM LINE: THE PROGRAM SAVED MY LIFE and gave me a second chance. I am truly blessed. Bless you, Lee, and all of your wonderful community of ex-stutterers.
"I was a severe stutterer from age 3. After 12 years of daily therapy, therapists told me that I’d just have to live with it. I worked learning Lee’s methods and practicing the Crutches. It works! No one now thinks I stutter. Four years later, I still don’t stutter."
"I highly recommend Lee’s books and methods to any stutterer that finds the conventional therapy not working or who has suffered relapse after a therapy. If you stutter, it’s time to stop. You can do it too." (Nearly 3 years later, his fluency continues.)

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