Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking Course

Lesson 1 - Introduction

This course contains 12 videos that walk the student through the journey from fearing public speaking to learning to love to speak in all venues.

It is “the next step for those who have stopped stuttering.” It is a treatment of the art and science of speaking to “groups”, which may be defined as thousands in an auditorium or a handful at a cocktail party. It stresses public speaking techniques and daily mind-training.

Recommended course pace is one lesson per week. This will enable the student to retain the information and to sufficiently practice and master its concepts before moving to the next lesson. All lectures are given by Lee Lovett.

Course Content

Course Based on Book

This course is based on the book, Speech Anxiety to Public Speaking, written by Lee Lovett, creator of The Lovett Method. The book is included when you purchase any of our course packages.

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