This is a short course prepared for parents of children who stutter and is based on the Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures course. To gain the most benefit for your child, it is highly recommended that parents review the entire adult stuttering course or at least those lessons that may be most applicable to your child.

Parents of stuttering-children need to understand the stuttering-disease and The Lovett Method that enables many PWS  to stop stuttering. There are some basic “Do’s and don’t’s” that are not generally known and that are usually violated by well-intentioned teachers.  Schools tend to be massive incubators and expanders of stuttering.  WSSA here presents a Parents’ Course.  There are three lessons: one each for children ages 3-7, 8-12 and 13-17.  If you have a child that stutters, you truly need to take the course that matches your child’s age.   All three of these courses are given by Lee Lovett.