Course Description

  • Course includes 13 video lessons —  one on each Crutch
  • Explains and expands each Crutch in simple, user-friendly terms
  • Gives many examples of usage
  • Taught by the author & WSSA’s other ex-stuttering Certified Speech Coaches

This is a never-ending Series (aka course) of additions and updates of the Crutches as presented in the THIRD Edition of Stuttering & Anxiety Self-Cures and in WSSA’s 20 lecture-video course on that book.  This Series presents explanations as learned from monthly coaching by Lee and all of WSSA’s Certified Speech Coaches (over 5,000 sessions as of year-end 2020).  Mastery of the Crutches is essential for most to stop stuttering using The Lovett Method.  Since learning and applying the Crutches has been the most difficult part of The Lovett Method, the Crutches are continuously updated with new improved techniques.  Therefore, this Series is not expected to end.  Lee wrote three Editions of his Stuttering book over a four year-period, and he views this Crutch Mastery Series as a substitute for future editions of his Stuttering book.